Maharashtra state skill development society

1)How to integrate device of MSSDS?

Please refer below link for integration .

2)log not showing on portal?

Ans- Contact to MSSDS portal /DEVICE Reset issue will get SOLVED

3)DEVICE Initialization error

Ans- Need to change OTG Cable or it may be scanner issue need to change scanner.

4) Result not found Error coming?

Ans - Contact to MSSDS portal.

5) Latitude and longitude not showing?

Ans- Change location setting as below:

Settings>Location>Mode>High Accuracy (User GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile networks to determine location)

6) Tab Not working properly?

Ans- That time need to upgrade firmware still issue coming then change tablet.

7)Scanner light not showing unable to thumb ?

Ans- It may be otg cable issue .change Otg cable if issue not resolve then change scanner.