EnBioscan C1

Registered Device FAQ

  1. Scanner is registered for RD platform but not found working along with jeevan pramaan Need help application says rd not found installed and running

Ans: Customer can refer to below page to check for whether RD setup is installed properly or not. Link for checking up the same is as below


2. Mp Govt website shows message “Scanner is not installed correctly, you must install it for prod option.

Ans: By Default scanner is installed for Prod option only. Check RD installation steps using the link below and refer to steps given


3. Scanner although registered for RD not working along with RD application.

Ans: Provide us log file for checking up details which are located on below path

C:\bioenablerdservice\logs folder. Provide us latest log file available in folder to check details

4. We have purchased scanner for dbt site for krishi anudaan but not working with their mobile app. Scanner won't work with mp govt app

Ans: Scanner is not compatible with Mp govt mobile app

5. Scanner light keep blinking always

Ans: Re plug scanner and check that light should show off for normal working

6. Scanner sticker wont show any number associated sticker is gone need help

Ans: Using scanner utility we can check details and help to sort out issue accordingly. Connect us remotely for checking up more details. For assistance drop email on support@bioenabletech.com with contact number details.

7. Scanner shows authenticating screen using jeevan pramaan app.. Need help

Ans: If capture call continues on jeevan pramaan app then such issue occurs. Close app. Reconnect scanner to check issue

8. Although scanner found working previously with RD right now it wont work.. Find out reason ( Many times found that if morpho or any other scanner RD occupied port then found service not working for MP govt )

Ans: Uninstall any other RD service from system and restart the system. On the page below check if port 11100 is working or not


On this page select protocol http, select port as 11100 and put finger on sensor and click capture and check whether page shows “Finger captured” message or not

9. Invalid parse error on mp govt dbt site. ( mp govt site issue )

Ans: Contact MP govt helpline nos to check issue. This issue is not related with scanner

10. Finger placed properly on sensor but biometric data did not match error shows sometimes for some customers on mp govt website

Ans: Check whether only Bioenablenitgen RD service is installed on machine.. If any other supplier RD service is blocking port then such issue occurs. Open below page and perform steps


On this page select protocol http, select port as 11100 and put finger on sensor and click capture and check whether page shows “Finger captured” message or not

11. Scanner able to capture but vendor not validated using Hawker app

Ans: Check in bioenablenitgen RD app whether scanner is registered properly or not. Refer to below page for more details for steps


If scanner found registered then make sure light glows upon capture response. If still any issue exists contact hawker app team

12. Scanner shows invalid network response in app

Ans: From bioenablenitgen RD app on right top most corner click on 3 line button and select option of re - register and register device and check. For details refer to below page


13. Setup shows error "Installutillib.dll" wants to know reason?

Ans: Such error shows if .net framework is not installed properly. After it will get installed this issue will get resolve.

14. RD setup is not working with Hamster II device, what is the reason?

Ans: RD setup is only compatible with Enbioscan C1 HFDU08 model only.

15. Although latest version of RD is installed found that scanner wont glow light on mahadbt link

Ans: If any other RD is installed or antivirus is blocking up rd service then only such issue occurs. Make sure to uninstall any other RD and restart system and check