eNBioAccess T9 Hardware & Software Installation

Standard Support guidelines to handle installation activities at ON-Site for "EnBioAccess - T9" Device in details.

A] At Client End Scope Of Work

01] Firstly device mounting demarcations

02] 230Vac@5/6AMP/UPS Power Socket required at Device marked locations.

03] LAN Cable and Free IP'S required at device place properly routed.

04] A Desktop dedicated/Sever Network PC required.

05] HR/Admin Office required to get the training

B] ON-Site Engineer's working Scope.

01] Device to be fixed by using its Wall mount Plate/Bracket to mount the Hardware.

02] Power and LAN network cable to be plugged IN.

03] Hardware Configurations Viz: Terminal and Server IP.

04] Using I-Access Mobile App configurations Steps.

05] Mobile App details and its training to HR/Admin Person.

Hardware Wall mounting Image Looks Like.

Specific Names of the Terminal:

T9 With Door Access Control: ( 1 Devices With 1 EM Lock)

T9 With Door Access Control: ( 2 Devices With 1 EM Lock)

Connecting T9 With Auto Door: ( One Device One Door)

Recommend Installation Height :

Before Use ( Safety Precautions )

Access Manager Installation :-

Note : Before Installation of ACm Pro, Need to install SQL and configure it first then start Installation of ACM Pro


Click on new SQL Server Stand Alone Installation

Check on I Accept Licence term and click on Next

Select Features and Click On Next

Select Named instance and then Click On Next

Select Startup Type Automatic and then click on Next

Check on Mixed Mode and Enter password which you want and then click on Next.

Now Setup is complete now click on Close.

Configuration Of SQL Server

Now Click On Start Button And search Microsoft SQL Server 2012 In that click on Configuration Tool After that click on SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Select SQL Server Network Configuration =>

Double click on Protocols For SQLEXPRESS

Now Enable Protocols Status one by One

Now Go to properties of TCP/IP

1) Enable the Protocol

2) Enable IP Addresses as per the Snapshots

Now Click On Apply button

Click on OK On Massage Box. Now Restart the SQL Server Services as per the below Image and close the Window.

Your Configuration is complete Now

INSTALLATION OF Access Manager Professional

This section describes how to install Access Manager Professional for

the Access Server.

Double-click [setup.exe] in the installation CD of

Access Manager Professional to start the installation.

When the installation process is started, the Installation Wizard

for the Access Manager Professional will appear. Click [Next].

Read the license agreement and accept its terms. Then click [Next].

Enter the user information and serial number, and click [Next].

Chose the destination Folder location of the setup to be installed then click on Next.

Select the functions to install and click [Next]. As these instructions refer to the AccessServer, select [AccessServer].

AccessServer – Both AccessServer and AccessManager (a remote management program) will be installed.

AccessManager – Only AccessManager will be installed.

If the database server is SQLEXPRESS, input the server IP and the instance name (default : sqlexpress) set during the installation of SQLEXPRESS (For Old Setup)

For New Setup :

1)Search server name by click search icon then select server name

2) input ID & password (ID: sa & password : )

3) Select database path by simply click on search icon.

Then Click on Next.

Click OK To Finish

After clicking Finish button click on Start Button find on Access Manager Icon

Window will appear, Here need to set user inputs like maximum Fingerprint count 1 or 2, user Id length 4- 16 and RF Card type (EM, Mifare, HID) then click on next .

Click on Yes to continue.

Input ID and name and password for Master ID Login then click on OK.

Window will appear then get access to access manager.

Now Configure the device and start the Enrollment by using Fingerprint, RF Card or Face (Device only)

Now ACM Pro Installation Completed.

User Enrollment Process In T9

Click on Setting Icon to enter the menu then Select User Option to go user management