B1/B10 With My Attendance Configuration

And My Attendance Utility

Basic installation activities to be carried out ON-Site for "B1/B10"

A - Client end Scope of work.

01] Firstly device mounting demarcations

02] 230Vac@5V 500mA /UPS Power Socket required at Device marked locations.

03] LAN Cable and Free IP'S required at device place properly routed.

04] A Desktop dedicated/Sever Network PC required.

04] HR/Admin Office required to get the training

B - ON-Site Engineer's working Scope.

01] Device to be fixed by using its Wall mount Plate/Bracket to mount the Hardware.

02] Power and LAN network cable to be plugged IN.

03] Hardware Configurations Viz: Terminal IP.

04] Device and Software (My Attendance) details and its training to HR/Admin Person.

BioEnable B1 Device

Software Installation

Note: Firewall And Antivirus Should be off before installation of all the software's.

  • Firstly Install SQL Server 2008 R2/2012/2014

SQL Server 2012 Setup: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wpPyQV2oTGJdnopVsBlRxfvMmRMkX6SO?usp=sharing

  • Secondly My Attendance Software Installation

Software Setup Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-hYnXYr55nUcEk3bjNyNkZBeDA/view?usp=sharing

  • Install My Attendance Log Downloader Utility.

Software Setup Link:

SQL Installation

  • Click on new SQL Server Stand Alone Installation
  • Check on I Accept License term and click on Next.
  • Select All Features and Click On Next
  • Select Named instance and then Click On Next
  • Select Startup Type For SQL Server Browser as Automatic and then click on Next
  • Check on Mixed Mode and Enter password which you want and then click on Next.
  • Now SQL Server setup installed successfully, now click on Close.

SQL Configuration Manager Settings.

  • After successfully installation of SQL Server Setup, Click On Start Button And search Microsoft SQL Server 2012 In that click on Configuration Tool . After that click on SQL Server Configuration Manager
  • Select SQL Server Network Configuration => Double click on Protocols For SQLEXPRESS.
  • Now Enable Protocols Status one by One.
  • Now Go to properties of TCP/IP Enable the protocol
  • By Enabling Protocol Please Go to IP Addresses and Enable IP Addresses as per the Snapshots.

Please confirm once your Server IP is visible in this IP Address.

  • How To Find Server IP

Go to Start and Search 'command prompt' then write one command "ipconfig" and Hit Enter key. Then you will get IPv4 Address.

  • Now Click On Apply button after that one pop-up msg box will come please click on OK button.
  • Now Restart the SQL Server Services(SQL server(SQLExpress and SQL Server Browser) as per the Image and close the Window.
  • Your Configuration is complete Now.

My Attendance Software Installation.

  • Open My Attendance Software setup and just select setup file then Right Click on setup file and Do Run As Administrator.
  • Now One pop-up Will come please click on Yes and Then it moves to License Key Accept Window.
  • Please press on Accept Button.
  • Please wait for 2-3 seconds it will install SQL compact Edition 3.5 and automatically it moves to My Attendance Setup Wizard.
  • Now press Next Button.
  • It Moves to License Agreement window,Please select on I Agree and press on next button.
  • Now it moves to Customer Information Page, Enter Customer Organization Name and By click on Next Button it moves to Select Installation folder (You can give Software installation path in any another drive.) and that folder name is "Valisha"
  • Select Everyone and press Next Button.
  • Now it moves to Confirm Installation Window, To start the installation click on Next Button.
  • It moves to installation page,wait for 2-3 seconds Installation will complete and it moves to next installation Complete Window .
  • By Clicking on Close Button Installation will be completed.
  • After completion installation you will find My Attendance Software logo on your Desktop.
  • Please right click on the same and Click on open.
  • Now it moves to License Window,then select Attendance from Dropdown and Click on Demo Button as per Snapshot.
  • Now it moves to My Attendance Login Window and We need to create My Attendance Database.
  • Please click on Configuration then it moves to Configuration Manager Window.
  • Now Enter Server Name,DB name(Which you want), User Name is 'sa' and Password(Enter SQL Password) as per below snapshot after that click on "Create New Database."
  • After clicking on Create New Database it moves to Create New database Window.
  • Now you Need to Enter all the details same as configuration Manager details as per below snapshot. and Click on OK Button.
  • After clicking on OK one popo-up msg box comes"Database created successfully" Please click on OK button.
  • Now My Attendance Database created in SQL Server database.
  • It moves to My Attendance Login Window and now we need to Create Company.
  • Please click on "Create Company" From My Attendance Login Window then it Moves to "Create Company" Window.
  • Now we need to Enter Company Name, Company Short Name(both are mandatory) and all other details.(If you want to Enter then only Enter the details because it is not mandatory).
  • Now at the bottom of the "Create Company" Window, you need to Enter My Attendance Login details(Which you Want) and Click on Save button as per attached snapshot.
  • Now Company created successfully.
  • Now it moves to My Attendance Login Page.
  • Please Enter User Name ,Password and click on Login Button.
  • By Clicking on Login button My Attendance Software will Opens after that one pop-up message box will come "Migrate with latest version" Please click on "OK "Button.

Installation Of My Attendance BioEnable Log Downloader Utility.

For Communication of B1 and B10 Device with My Attendance Software. We are having one BioEnable Log Downloader Utility is there.

  • Firstly Run Bioenable Log downloader Utility Application Setup exe file.
  • Now it moves to the Setup Wizard, just click on Next Button
  • Now click on Everyone and Click on Next Button
  • Now it moves to Confirm Installation Window.
  • Click on Next Button to Start the Installation Process.
  • Now Installation Completed. Please click on Close Button.
  • Once you successfully installed my attendance utility, click on LogDownload.exe icon.
  • Now Utility will Open.
  • Once you launch Utility the very first step need to be performed is insert sql server details.
  • Make sure you have SQL server already installed on your machine.
  • Now Click on "Menu" then Select DB Connection Settings.
  • Enter following details.

Server Name: Sql server name

Database: My Attendance database name

Username: sa

Password: Enter your server password

  • Before going to next step please make sure you have SQL server installed on your machine and My attendance database has to present in your server which you can create while installing ‘My attendance ’ report generating software.
  • You also need to edit or if details Automatically then no need to edit the details in HSeriesSampleCSharp.exe.config and HSeriesSampleCSharp.vshost.exe.config configuration file. You can find this file in following path
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Default Company Name\Bioenable
  • Open file in notepad and please make following changes in mentioned files(applicable for both files).

How To Do Network Settings From Hardware Side.

  • Now you need to do network settings from Hardware side so that you can connect the Device in Utility.
  • Click on "MENU" Button which is available on the device then Menu Window will display on the device.
  • Select Comm Option from that please Enable via TCP/IP option.
  • Now please come back in comm Window, then select TCP/IP for Network Settings.

Now you need to Set 5-6 options to complete the TCP/IP Settings

  1. Set IP Address

IN this you need to set IP Address which is Free in your Network. Please Enter the IP and Click on "OK" to Save the settings.

2. Set Subnet Mask.

Please open Command prompt Window, Write" ipconfig " command and hit "Enter" Key. You will get Server IP With Subnet Mask and Gateway. The same Subnet Mask details Enter in the Hardware.

Please click on "OK" to save the settings.

3. Set Gateway Option

In this please Enter Gateway and click on "OK"

4. Set Local Port

For B1 device Local Port is "5005" Please Enter the same and Click on "OK" Button to save the changes.

5. Set Server

Now you need to set Server IP on which your SQL and My Attendance Software installed. please Enter the Server IP and Click on "OK"

6. Set Server Port

For B1 device Server port is "8000". Please Enter the same and by clicking on OK save the setting.

How To Add User's From Hardware Side.

Now need to Add User's from device side step by Step.

  1. By clicking on "MENU" Button from device side ,Menu window display on the device.
  2. Select "User" option then it moves to next User Management Window.
  3. Once User management Window opens please click on "User".
  4. Now you can select User Authentication Type that is Finger,password or card.
  5. Here we have selected Finger option then it moves to the Fingerprint registration Window.
  6. Please Input user ID and click on "OK" button to Save the ID. Now ID Saved.

7.Now Enroll your Finger. Please place your Finger properly. It will ask you to place your Finger 3 times after that one message will display that is Registration Complete. Now please click n "OK".

Now User Enrolled Successfully by Fingerprint.

  • Now Next Step is Connecting Device to Utility.
  • By clicking on Menu,Go To B1 then select "Device Master"
  • It moves to "Device" Window
  • Now Enter Below Details

Device Name : Which you want

Machine Number: Enter machine number.

Device IP: Enter IP address assigned to the machine

Port: 8000

  • Click On "Save" Button
  • Now We need to Download the Logs From Device.
  • Click on Menu then click on B1 and select Download Logs
  • Now it moves to Device Connection Window
  • Select Sevice Name after that click on "Network Device" and Click on Connect.
  • Now your Device has been connected.
  • Now Click on Log data to Download the Logs.
  • Now By clicking on Download Logs All Log data Will get download.
  • Now Click on Save Logs your All Downloaded Logs Will Saved into the DB.
  • All logs will be saved to database. Now you can Launch My attendance software and proceed further to generate reports.
  • Now create Employees.

After Adding User's you need to create Shift.

Click on Masters,go to Attendance and click on 'Shift'.

  • After creating employee, click on Attendance -> Process Logs
  • Select employees and click on process logs.
  • No need to Download the Log data because already downloaded Log data in utility.
  • Now it moves to 'Shift' Window
  • Enter Shift Name, Short Name, Office Login and Logout Time, Late allowed min and Early allowed min.
  • After that please calculate Full day minutes and half day minutes.
  • If your Shift is Fix Shift then must check on Fix Shift.
  • After Entering all the details click on Save.

It moves to process Window.

How To Generate Reports In my Attendance.

Before Report Generation, All Employees details should be updated correctly in Employee details.

You can generate various reports by using the below same process. Only you need to select that particular report name which you want from the List.

  • Please click on "Reports" option from My Attendance software Menu bar.
  • Now click on Attendance then go to Daily Reports and select Log report.
  • Now it moves to "Device Log report" Window.
  • Select Date Range then you can search Employee by Branch, Department, Designation etc after that select all the Employees.
  • Now Click on "Report" Button.
  • By clicking on "Report" Button directly it generates Device Attendance report as per snapshot.

Now Here completed all the Standard process of From Device connectivity to Report Generation.

Here are Some Queries From Client Side.

  1. Monthly Reports Are Not Generating For All Employees that is Timing is showing 00:00 For All the Employees or For a Particular Employee.

Our Checklist

a] Shift Creation

b] Shift Assigned to Employees or Particular User

c] Whether Logs has been Downloaded From device and saved it?

d] If Logs Saved then Logs Processed or not?

e] Joining Date and Confirmation Date Filled up properly or not?

f] If Shift is same for all user's then We will do the multiple update after that Do migrate with latest version. Then process the logs and check.

2. U disk cannot download data, it failure when downloading data inserted U disk,how to solve it?

Answer: there may be caused by the following reasons:

a. U-Select size capacity within 8 G.

b. whether the U disk file is too much, cause the space is too small, suggest that format the U disk, download again

3. we got an exception error. When we try to download the logs from devices, it shows error - 0x8007007E. Please find the attachment

Answer: Please install Attendance management_built153. Here is the link to download.


After installation of above software Please run Register SDK file from the Attendance Management set up file.

Path:- Open Attendance Management Folder-> files->SDK-> Run (Run As Administrator) the Register SDK file.

4. Please find attached Error "Input String was not in a correct format" and provide us solution


1] Check whether all User's personal details are Entered in a correct format.

2] Do "Multiple updates" after that Do Migrate with latest Version

Then Download all the logs. Process the logs and Generate Reports.